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By joining our nonprofit organization you are helping support all of our community-based events and our ongoing arts programs directly, such as our annual Festival of Arts, Youth Arts Festival, and Missoula Children's Theatre. We have been 100% all-volunteers with no staff salaries and no building or utility costs for over thirty years.

This year we are offering free, one-year individual memberships with the purchase of your Opening Night Festival of Arts tickets to encourage your enrollment. Our membership numbers bolster our credibility when applying for grants and, because we post our events on our website, we will not put you on a mass-mailing list of any kind.

We welcome your input in developing our policies and priorities and offer you opportunities for networking and collaborations, artist alerts, grant applications, and a listing in our Artists Directory. Please take a few minutes and READ MORE about our rich history of community involvement and the support we provide as a Home Base for our partnering organizations.

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