• Arts Council

    Arts Council

    We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established over 30 years ago to promote the visual and performing arts in Wallowa County and surrounding areas. Read More
  • Festival of Arts

    Festival of Arts

    Our four-day gala event features a Plein Air Competition, Gallery Walk, Opening Night Artists' Reception with live music, Quick Draw Competition and a Classical Music Concert Read More
  • Quick Draw

    Quick Draw

    Each year the Wallowa Valley Festival of Arts hosts an exciting, timed event in conjunction with our annual three-day Festival of Arts celebration on Saturday. Read More
  • Youth Arts Festival

    Youth Arts Festival

    On Saturday May 3rd this year, the Wallowa Valley Arts Council sponsors this fun-filled exhibit of K – 12th grade art, hands-on art activities, and live music by our local youth. Read More
  • Children’s Theatre

    Children’s Theatre

    Each Spring the Wallowa Valley Arts Council sponsors this ever-popular touring musical performance featuring children, grades K – 12, participating from each of our school districts. Read More
  • Quilters’ Guild

    Quilters’ Guild

    The Guild was founded in 1991 by Brandi Leaha Christianson and a small group of local quilters whose love for quilting prompted them to form their own local organization. Read More
  • Cultural Trust Coalition

    Cultural Trust Coalition

    This WVAC Partnership Organization awards State of Oregon grant money to organizations and individuals within Wallowa County whose endeavors promote culture within the county. Read More
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Welcome to the Wallowa Valley Arts Council

Promoting Arts and Culture in N.E. Oregon

37th Annual Wallowa Valley Festival of Arts - Sept. 11-15, 2019

Fully Catered Opening Reception, Fine Art Show, En Plein Air Competition, Quick Draw, Silent Auction, Gallery Walk
& Summer Arts Classic Music Concert. You won't want to miss it! For more information, go see our partner's informative page on the Josephy Center for Arts & Culture website: click here

Collaborating With Us

The Arts are the heart of all vibrant communities and the Wallowa Valley Arts Council has been at the hub for over thirty years. We were incorporated in 1983 to “act as a coordinating, educational, and service organization to foster, promote, encourage, and increase the knowledge, appreciation, and practice of the arts.” Over the years, our hundreds of dedicated volunteers have entertained us, cultivated our talents, enriched our environment and economy, and nurtured our young creative thinkers.

Join us as we continue to work with our community partners to bring an enthusiastic array of visual images, music, dance, and theater to our valley for your enjoyment and edification.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, WVAC and its team of volunteers has established an enduring track record of credibility.  We are an integral part of a community with common interests who know that we are indeed greater than the sum of our parts. We welcome your ideas and look forward to working with you.

Read more about how the Wallowa Valley Arts Council benefits our Arts Community and local economy by working with our schools, local and regional nonprofits, businesses and municipalities.  As an Umbrella Organization we serve our members and partners by helping establish new nonprofits, sponsoring annual events, writing grants, matching funds, and maintaining a home base which provides the essential underpinnings for future development, creativity, and FUN!

Schools: Since the 1980’s, WVAC has coordinated program development within our valley-wide school districts to enrich arts education for students grades K-12. We have sponsored the Artists in Residence program, the Artists in the Schools project, the annual Missoula Children’s Theater, the annual Youth Arts Festival, the Eagle Cap Fine Arts Camp, and provided scholarships for student participation in various opportunities including the Brass and Woodwinds @ Wallowa Lake programs.

Regional: By joining forces with other major arts agencies in NE Oregon, the Wallowa Valley Arts Council has taken a lead role with Baker, Union, Umatilla, and Wallowa Counties to secure joint grant funding opportunities at the State and Federal levels. These regional collaborations recognize the value of leveraging the Arts to promote and maintain our vibrancy and economic stability.

Local: Today, Wallowa Valley Arts Council is actively collaborating with other long-standing nonprofits in the City of Joseph including the Joseph City Council, Joseph Public Library, Joseph Chamber of Commerce, Joseph Charter School, Wallowa County Museum, Wallowa Valley Festival of Arts, and Chief Joseph Days Rodeo, Inc. With the technical assistance of a local grant writer, a community facilitator and an architectural design firm, we are serving as fiscal agent and arts advisor to evaluate community development and facilities needs, again serving as a willing, all-volunteer team player.

Serving as Your Umbrella Organization

Incubation: WVAC takes great pride in having served as a temporary incubator and fiscal agent through the years for some of our valley’s most outstanding arts agencies including Fishtrap, Brass@Wallowa Lake, and most recently the private nonprofit titled The Josephy Center for the Arts and Culture located on Main Street, Joseph. We are happy to facilitate local arts-related groups with short-term needs to receive donations and grant funding while seeking their own independent status.

 Partnerships and Sponsorships: WVAC provides partnerships on a long-term basis for agencies such as the Wallowa Valley Festival of Arts, Night of Quick Draw, the Wallowa County Cultural Trust Coalition and the Wallowa Mountain Quilters Guild. These agencies are financially self-determinate under our umbrella, while taking advantage of our group benefits. We also directly fund annual events as part of our own agency such as the Missoula Children’s Theater and the Youth Arts Festival, both of which have been ongoing since the 1980’s.

Over the years we have funded arts-related professional development workshops and sponsored entertainment events such as African dancers, Taiko Drummers, the Eugene Ballet, the Montana Repertory Theater, the Melodrama in Joseph, the Wallowa Lake Chamber Music Festival, and the Wallowa County Fiddlers Show, just to name a few. And we continue to seek future opportunities to partner with local agencies to enrich our public with a creative infusion of cultural education and diversity.

Essential Benefits: Join up with us! The Wallowa Valley Arts Council provides a long list of essential “behind the scenes” benefits to our partners. These include general budget oversight, matching funds for granting opportunities, scholarships, paid professional bookkeeping and year-end tax preparation and filing, maintenance of our nonprofit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, website access and direct links, advertising brochures and rack cards, Wallowa County Chamber and Eastern Oregon Regional Arts Council group membership dues, and coordination for event liability insurance coverage.

Grants and Matching Funds: For over thirty years, our Council has provided matching money and received grants for events and community improvement projects such as stage lighting at the Enterprise-located OK Theater, and display track lighting for the Joseph Community Center. Presently, we have a fund solely dedicated to the advancement of Music for youth. This money creates another ideal opportunity to match funds for future grants and projects.

As always, we welcome your ideas and participation as we continue to grow our organization and tackle ever-widening spheres to advance the Arts in our communities.